Why I LOVE PLR Content

Why I LOVE PLR Content appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

I’ve used PLR Content for years. It has gave me some great content, some great traffic and done what I needed it to do.

Think of ANYTHING, any subject, any discussion, any topic and you will find something PLR Related. That then becomes the basis of your information, your ebook, your report.

You can then improve upon the PLR Content and make it your own. Infact on this site I share with you a few thousand PLR Articles that you can use, I have broke them down into categories/niches for you.

There are all kinds of ways that you can use private label rights or PLR articles and enjoy maximize benefits. Let’s look at three that many have enjoyed great success with.

Rewrite the Articles for Directories

If you haven’t been writing content for the article directories it can be a bit overwhelming and stressful to get started, especially if writing isn’t your thing. Using PLR articles is a great starting point. However, because there will be others using the same articles you should rewrite them to give them your own unique flavor.

As much as I dislike spinning software, there are a few good ones out there. The best one that I have used is called Spin Re-writer. It is web based and learns all the time.

There are tons of different spinning software programs on the market and once your rewrite the article you can numerous different versions of the article that you are able to use. You can then post these articles to the many article directories online and don’t forget about the Web 2.0 websites to create backlinks to your main site.

Combine PLR Article to Make a Report

This one is my favorite. Google will actually search your links inside your pdfs, thats why Document Sharing Sites are a good idea to submit your pdfs to.  When you have a group of PLR articles that come from the same niche can be put together to create a report that you can become a promotional tool for your new opt in campaign for your mailing list. You should edit the content enough to give it your own personal style and voice. Add graphics and related images to the report. You can find tons of images online that are royalty free.

I like to set up my first report in the way I want it to be presented then i duplicate that way through out all the reports I am doing, this way people become familiar with what they have and recognize the reports, personal branding.

I set them up on Landing Pages/Squeeze Pages and when people opt in they are sent or drip fed the content to their email address.

You can hire someone to redo the content, or add in from the same niche other content, so that you are mixing it up.

Turn Your PLR Articles into a Video

This might be one of the easiest ways to use your material because you don’t even have to rewrite your PLR articles. You can get a lot of mileage out of them just by turning them into videos. You can then submit them to numerous video directories that are available online and you can create back-links to your site. Creating a video is really easy to do from an article. There are various software that you can use like PowerPoint, Camtasia, or use one of the many software applications online.

These 3 tips are a great use of your PLR articles. Private label rights give you the freedom to use the provided content anyway you choose. Just a little imagination and personal tweaking and you’ll have tons of content to use whenever and wherever you want.

Grab My Report Below “Private Label Uses and Tips


The post Why I LOVE PLR Content appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

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