Valentus – My First Taste of Coffee

Valentus – My First Taste of Coffee appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

I don’t diet, I hate them. I can’t diet because I love food, I love to cook as well. I’m also a Type 1 Diabetic, which means I count my carbs and I inject when I want to eat. Sometimes I can be eating more than I really should. Not because I’m hungry, but I’m bored, It’s meal time, I cooked something nice, take away is on order, snacks, munchies.

I’m not fat, as in big belly etc. However I did weigh myself this morning and I am 15 stone, I’m 5’8 so I do have a bit of a belly. My usual routine isn’t all that exciting. As the years have gone on I seem to have locked myself away more.

I’m currently only 41 so I’m not an old git just yet. I do have 5 kids so they keep me on my toes. BUT my routing I have got myself into is not a good one, not one that I actually enjoy, but changing habit when its so easy to fall back is where my struggle is I think.

So my online mate Pat was telling me about how he drinks a cup of coffee a day and he is losing great weight, he isn’t hungry or snacking and he is more focused with it.

My instant, yeah yeah yeah. Honestly I wasn’t interested. However Pat stuck with it and he has now been doing it for 3 months. Let me show you a photo of his progress so far.


Going from left to right you can noticeably see a difference, YES I know his moustache has got bigger but we are looking lower down lol. Pat’s waist line is getting slimmer,  Pat’s wife Donna can also attest to him losing the weight.

So that got me intrigued.  I like a good coffee, So I got one months supply to see how it all goes, and today it arrived. 10th Sept 2015 is today’s date.

I woke up this morning, got the kids up,  did the ranting and raving for an hour or so. Once they were out the door I had my breakfast, the sun was out so I went for a walk in to town, something I do not do. When I came home there was a parcel for me. I opened it and it was my Slim Roast Coffee.

I boiled up some milk, I don’t like coffee with water I always use milk. I put in the coffee and 3 sweeteners, the milk was boiled so I poured it in and mixed it all in.

I sat down at the computer and took my first sip, my instant reaction was

YUCK – That is RANK –  NO WAY – What have I got involved with.

I put the cup on my desk and we had a staring match with each other for a few minutes. I picked the cup up again and took another mouthful and still the taste, it’s so different from the coffee that I like to drink, especially with me liking Tea more than coffee.

I’m also ex Army so I have drank things in my life that I’m not proud of and have tasted worse lol. So I put the cup in front of me and we made a pack. I drink you and you do what it says on the box. I was doing some bits online so whilst doing that I kept on drinking.

Eventually I finished the coffee, I took the cup and put it in the sink. Whilst at the sink I completed the dishes, walked the wife to the bus stop, went shopping, got home and tidied up the kitchen, sorted out the washing, put everything away, fed the dog, put her outside, did the hall way and started on the living room.

I took the coffee at around 10am or so and it was now 1400hrs, nearly time to get the kids from school.

Here’s the thing. Usually I have a sleep before I go and get the kids, my alarm goes off at 1420hrs. I hadn’t been to sleep. I usually snack around 11am and have lunch around 1230hrs, then I usually grab a snack before I go and get the kids from school.

I didn’t do ANY of that. Infact I went to the school, picked up the kids, went to the doctors and got medications, walked up to the bus station to wait for my wife and then walked home. It’s my sons birthday today so I set everything up for him for his party food and still I didn’t feel hungry, with me being a diabetic I have been tracking my sugar level all day as well, so i had a quarter of a pork pie, a small one. When the kids were finished I tidied up, cleaned up and put it all away.

I understand I’m probably not going to be like this every day, however the difference in just one day with that one cup has me more than convinced that IT WILL Help me. Like I said above I do not like diets, but drinking a cup of coffee and getting on with my day to day, being more productive online and offline that can’t be a bad thing.

For the first month I’m going to do one cup a day, when I setup my autoship I am going to do two cups a day then use my left over as tasters for people so that I can show them and build up my business as a Valentus Coffee Distributor.

Just now its is 2300hrs, I can start to feel the coffee drifting away, my body is feeling naturally tired because i have been outside, and i’ve done a lot. So I am expecting a good sleep tonight.  I am going to keep to the same routine, get up, sort the kids, eat my breakfast and take my injection then drink my coffee. I would think as my body gets used to it I will settle down with it and it will become part of my daily routine.

I did weigh myself this morning and I was 15 stone which is 210 pounds. I’m not going to weigh myself every day, but I will do it weekly.

If you are interested in this then as a diet or better still as a potential home based business then check out their tour @ I would love to get to know you and see your progress with this.

The post Valentus – My First Taste of Coffee appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

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