I Love “Gold“. I love saving up for rainy days, that special treat. In 2014 I went to the bank and went to take out a few thousand pounds. They declined me it and limited my withdrawals to a set amount. I was mega annoyed at this. That was MY Money. WHY should anyone stop me from getting it.

Then I got an email stating that they were streamlining my account that I was saving up in, and they were reducing my % to 0.5% over the year. That annoyed me even more. I had been with that bank for over 17 years and now all I had saved up was worth nothing.

Company Policy, Policy for that account, Everyone’s doing it, all the major banks are doing it… the list goes on. Thats what I was told. So I started to look into the money that I had and started to look else where. I’m NOT really a risk taker, so I didn’t want HIGH End Risks that the bank was offering, lots of places I looked at taking my business to, there was a Bank behind it pulling the strings.

Slowly I started to take my money from the bank and move it around, I put it into various things like Bitcoin, bought some coins, bought some Art, and more recently I bought some “Gold“.

It took me a while to find the right “Gold” product I wanted to put my money and time into. I wanted more from the “Gold” I was going to buy. So I didn’t want to just be a buyer, I wanted to be rewarded for helping others save up and do the same as me.

That is when I found #TeamGKB and I joined them. We have our Team Website @ http://www.GoldKaratBars.co.uk For MORE information.


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